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Our Team

Steve Geis, PhD, MD  served as VP for the Arthritis Therapeutic Area at Searle/Monsanto and was responsible for the clinical development of Celebrex® (the first FDA-approved selective COX-2 inhibitor) which generated approximately $2 billion in revenue during the first year of commercialization. Dr. Geis also served as Global VP for Arthritis, Cardiovascular, and Oncology at Pharmacia where he directed the development of the antihypertensive, eplerenone (Inspra®), a specific-aldosterone receptor antagonist. He established a global oncology clinical team and was leader of a global multidisciplinary team that created and implemented development strategies for analgesics and arthritis medications. Overall, Dr. Geis has secured market approval for 5 novel compounds. Dr Geis earned his PhD in Physiology from Loyola University and his MD from St. Louis University.

George Allen Hides  served as VP of Clinical Development and Regulatory Affairs at Northfield Laboratories Inc., where he established and led a large high performance team of clinicians, statisticians, and regulatory professionals in the development of PolyHeme®, a first-in-class novel hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier as a blood substitute. This pioneering initiative involved a landmark Phase III trial in patients in hemorrhagic shock with treatment beginning at the chaotic scene of injury and utilized regulatory provisions for exception from informed consent, as well as extensive policy-developing interactions with the FDA. In addition, Mr. Hides conducted more than 50 Emergency Use INDs at sites across the US. Mr. Hides earned his BA in Physics from DePauw University.

Geoffrey Geis  has extensive experience in international mergers and acquisitions arbitrage. He served as portfolio Manager of Mergers and Acquisitions at Lionhart Advisors in the US and Managing Director of Hexagon Trading in London, UK; a financial group focused on investing in German and Italian government-debt instruments. Mr. Geis has expertise in financing young companies by establishing relationships between portfolio growth companies and matched investor groups. In addition, he advises on corporate growth strategies and the creation of avenues to capital markets. Mr. Geis earned a BS in Finance from Boston College.

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